Day 1

Tbilisi – Kakheti – Wineries in Kvareli – Napareuli – Tkupebis Marani – Gurjaani


A representative of Georgian Discovery Tours will greet the guests at the airport and afterwards the group will head towards Kakheti region, home of Georgian winemaking. We will visit the city Kvareli and it’s wineries. We shall start with the winery, “Kindzmaraulis Marani”, which will host the wine tasting with winemakers, for you. Then we Kindzmarauli Corporation”, which will host a second wine tasting of the day, you will also be able to talk with the winemakers and direction of the company. After the “Corporation Kindzmarauli”, we will visit the winery, “Gvirabi” (in direct translation – Tunnel).

At the winery, “Gvirabi” you will see the 2-km long tunnel curved into the solid rock, where vintage wines are stored in special containers (in barrels and casks). Here we will attend the wine tasting and meeting with enologist of the winery. Afterwards, lunch at the terrace of this winery in the restaurant with stunning views of Kakhetian landscapes.

After lunch, guests will head towards Napareuli and visit private winery of Gamtkitsulashvili brothers “Tkupebis Marani” (directly translated – “Twins wine cellar”). Here, you will taste a few varieties of wine, talk with the owners and then head towards Gurjaani & stop at “Wine House Gurjaani”, where we will be able to overnight. Upon our arrival, a short rest and dinner with homemade wine.

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