Georgia is bound by the alluring Black Sea to the west, the majestic heights of the High Caucasus to the north, the remote deserts of Azerbaijan to the east, and the lush volcanic hills of the Trialeti (or Lesser Caucasus range) to the south. The climate of the country is as diverse as its geography and cultural make-up. The western fertile lowlands of Colchis have a sub-tropical climate with high rainfall, and are home to dense forests, rich tea plantations, and acre upon acre of cornfields. The eastern reaches beyond the Surami Mountains are the cornucopia of the country, with the long, hot summers providing the perfect growing conditions for a wide variety of produce, including the grapes for the delectable Georgian wines. The northern part of the country is a remote wonderland of year-round snow capped peaks, glaciers, and rocky outcrops. Within this rich variety, each region holds its unique charms that should not be missed. In addition, despite its small size, Georgia is home to a remarkable mix of flora and fauna that help define the identity of each region.

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