Day 1

Tbilisi – Sighnaghi – Gurjaani – Tbilisi

The representative of «Georgian Discovery Tours» meets the guests at pre discussed location and heads towards the Kakheti region, town of Sighnaghi (18th century). After sightseeing tour in the royal town we will head towards the town of Gurjaani & stop at “Wine House Gurjaani”, where the hosts will acquaint you with the ancient tradition of winemaking and culinary arts. You will visit to the “marani” (a wine cellar) & taste several varieties of homemade wine.

After the tasting, right by a specially prepared tables together with local skilled cooks, you will learn secrets of local cuisine & take part in the cooking process. Cooks will tell and show you how to prepare delicious and renowned “Khachapuri” (cheese baked in pastry), “churchkhela” (Hazel & walnuts strung on a thread, dipped in floure thickened grape juice & which after cooling becomes delicious delicacy ) “Shoti” (so-called Kakheti bread baked on the walls of underground clay oven) and “Kakhuri mtsvadi” (pieces of meat skewered on “shampuri” roasted on cut branches of the vine).

During the master-class in the culinary art, the participants will be treated to a glass of wine to quench the thirst. All recipes and ingredients used in prepared dishes can be written on pre provided slips of papers. Here you might also wish to purchase homemade wines, which are made and bottled in “Wine House Gurjaani”, spices for the Georgian national dishes, homemade honey, churchkhela and national souvenirs.

After a brief rest you will be invited to the ethnographic hall for a banquet. The feast will consist of the dishes you prepared together with local cooks & various traditional dishes from the local cuisine. The banquet will be beautified by a local professional folklore ensemble of national songs and a “tamada” (a toastmaster the leader of the feast) who will offer traditional toasts, befitting a proper Georgian feast. After the pleasant feast, we will drive to Tbilisi. And so it ended with a “tasty” and informative day that will remain forever in your memory. Enjoy your meal.

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