Day 3

Kakheti – Civil wedding ceremony in the royal town Sighnaghi also known as “The city of love” – Gurjaani

After the breakfast and check-out from the hotel, we head towards the Kakheti region. First we will visit Nunnery of Bodbe, a holy place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians. Bodbe is a final resting place of St. Nino of Cappadocia, who preached Christianity in Georgia and greatly contributed to the Christianization process of the country in 335AD.

Then we will visit this jewel town of the region, Sighnaghi, which was erected by the last King of Georgia Erekle in 18th century. The town is surrounded by an impressive medieval wall with 23 towers. Today this town is also called the “Town of Love” where you can register, perform and celebrate marriage within just 24 hours. After a brief tour of the town the civil wedding ceremony will be held.

After the ceremony, the newlywed will drive towards the guesthouse “Wine House Gurjaani” in the town of Gurjaani. In this house, the newlywed will be greeted by the glorious traditional songs & in the traditional wine cellar under the backdrop of Georgian songs, couple will be toasted with the traditional Kakhetian wine. Then the couple will be invited to the large dinning hall, furnished in a typical Georgian style, where by the cosy fireplace a traditional Kakhetian feast awaits you, led by “tamada” toastmaster and accompanied by Georgian folk songs & music. Rest in the same house, in a specially prepared room for the newlywed.

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