Day 8

Gurjaani – Sighnaghi – Bodbe – Tbilisi – Aeroport

In the morning after the breakfast, the members of the group will depart towards Sighnaghi which was erected by the last King of Georgia Erekle in 18th century. The city is surrounded by an impressive medieval wall with 23 towers. Today ancient Sighnaghi appears to the eyes of visitors in all its beautiful colors, buildings of which look like decorations out of theatrical performance.

After a brief sightseeing, group will once again brake down to several teams and prepare for the final competition of the program. Main goal of which will be a search for three traditional wine drinking vessels which called “Kantsi”. Each vessel will be well hidden in different locations & each of the three groups will receive search conditions of their own.

After the contest, all participants will gather in one place, in the city center, by the hotel “Solomon.” Lunch in Sighnaghi and discussion of the past tour. Departure towards the nunnery of Bodbe and excursion. Bodbe is a final resting place of St. Nino of Cappadocia. Who preached Christianity in Georgia and greatly contributed to the Christianization process of the country in the year 335AD. After excursion, departure towards Tbilisi International Airport.

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