Day 4

Mestia – Ushguli – Mestia

In the morning after an early breakfast, the group will depart in the direction of Ushguli, located at 2,200 meters above the sea level, the highest populated mountain village in Europe. Upon arrival to the village, a search for the “Golden Fleece” will begin. In accordance with the plan our teams will start searching for the hidden fleece. The groups will be equipped by the treasure maps, compasses and will be accompanied by the local instructors.

After defining the winner of our event, the groups will gather at the special spot by the river, where the locals will demonstrate the ancient method of using fleece for gold sluicing, favored by their ancestors. Right by that river in the lap of breathtaking nature, we will have a picnic lunch & an outdoor rewording ceremony held for the victors of our event. Shortly afterwards, we shall return back to Mestia for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

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